E-Guitar lesson - doing some power chords on electric guitar

Dear guitar fan,

Here you will find all the necessary information if you want to learn to play the guitar or refresh your skills with me as your guitar teacher.

Introductory Lesson:

For a start please contact me to arrange an introductory lesson – free of charge - :
Phone 0203 / 784523 or mobile 0172 / 2132245


47259 Duisburg-Ungelsheim, Blankenburger Str. 103 – ev. Auferstehungskirche – In the belfry (more details see link 'View').


Everyone can learn to play the guitar from the 1st class on without any age limit. The main thing is to enjoy and there will be even more fun if practice is done regularly. Promised!

Options for Lessons:

Groups of up to 4 students or individual lessons. Weekly 30, 45 or 60 minutes

Rental Instrument:

There is a suitable instrument for every student – no matter if small or tall.

Classical Guitar – Western Guitar – E-Guitar:

It depends on the student’s age which the suitable guitar will be. This will be found out during the introductory lesson. Usually we begin with the classical guitar.


Contracts about lessons and rental guitars will be handed to the students during the introductory lesson. So all details can be read at home.