The LGB30 (LGB means Little George Benson) give a nice warm 'jazz' tone.


This offer is for anyone who is interested in Jazz and wants to find out more about it. If you are in need of new ideas for your soloistic play, new harmonic ideas, new inspirations, I will support you.

Jazz harmony:

What is different about Jazz harmony?   What is a II-V-I-connection? How to interpret chord symbols? What is a triton substitution? What exactly is altering? What is modal?

Concepts of Improvisation:

Which scales are to use where? How to practice scales? What are avoid notes and are they really avoid? How to use arpeggios?

Jazz rhythms:

How does a swing phrasing work? What is emphasis on the off-beat? How does triplet playing work? What is the meaning of articulation markings?

Learning by doing:

By working out a simple jazz standard many questions will come up, many answers can be given, more than one solution will be found!