Classical guitar (also called the Spanish guitar)

How to…

There are appropriate music pieces, songs and notes of any style for any age group, beginners, advanced students and professionals. Therefore a consistent development of playing the guitar based on personal interests and tastes can be made sure.

Playing a melody:

The very elementary beginning is to play easy melodies. Particularly young players enjoy this kind of beginning which at the same time enables them to learn to read notes. From playing melodies to playing polyphonic and later even more demanding playing solo (melody and bass accompaniment at the same time) will be a natural development. From there I will teach different fingerstyle techniques for song accompaniment.

Chord Play:

It is also possible to begin to play chords. It seems to be very easy to move 3 fingers at the same time when you watch it on TV - but it can cause a big knot in your left hand. The beginning will be playing easy songs and later, of course, popular and actual songs. Various beat and pluck techniques with the right hand, plectrum technique, fingerstyle technique as well as guitar percussion will be a further challenge and will make the student sweat.


Rock the guitar…. Powerchords, all the other chords and techniques.
Scaling, tapping, hammer ons, pull offs, slides, bends, string skipping and a lot more.


Musicians all over the world use the same language: notes. It is easy to learn this language like reading, writing and maths. Knowledge in rhythm and harmony is also part of it. And: it will be a surprise for the student what ears are able to hear!


Hands of musicians do things they never would do in daily life. Therefore: The one who practices everyday – even if only 15 minutes – gets better and better. Ambition combined with long lasting diligence will soon let the student be proud of their achievement. Practice once a week for 2 hours is nice but will not be of real success for the young guitar player. In the long run this way will be frustrating and make the student give up their hobby.
First of all: To play the guitar is a skill which needs regular training and practice to make a steady progress and be successful. Like a sports person who – if they want to be good – has to train everyday a musician only gets more confident, more tenacious and more content if they practice regularly.